The elegant main island, as the Romans used to call it, has everything that a person can dream. We offer you some Routes and Excursions to several of these places.

The first tourists began to arrive in the island in the early twenties and, until the civil war; it grew in selective tourism, especially intellectuals and artists.

The cultural offer of Palma is equivalent to that of a biggest city, for example the Auditorium of Palma is among one of the best concert halls in Europe.

The mild climate of the island with clear skies, its beauty, its great history and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, make it a special place. In Mallorca you find relax, inspiration, culture and leisure, «especially in such a small territory.»

Most visitors are limited to a small area surrounding the beach chosen for their vacation, and forget that apart from a beautiful coast, Mallorca offers wonderful landscapes and treasures among its plains and mountains that are worth knowing. Some tours of the island will reveal a wealth of unimaginable contrasts.

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