Mallorca Tour II


First we recommend you know the capital, Palma de Mallorca, making a beautiful tour around the Bay of Palma or throw its ancient streets and buildings. As it is only about 16 km from the port to El Arenal, we recommend you to choose our first route option: a road along the old city. It will bring the pleasure of feel the beaches air and the spirit of the city and is people.

In the same bay of Palma, there are other beautiful sites that are worth visiting. We will take you to them and many other places you would love to know. Extension with beautiful pine trees that strokes a sandy coast, beaches with clear waters.

In Mallorca, Sa Calobra is considered one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean, from where we will visit the Monastery of Lluc, center of great devotion for the Mallorcan. This monastery stands as one of the highest points of the island. A few kilometers away is Escorca, a small town located about 500 m. altitude. Its museum houses an interesting collection of coins, pottery, jewelry and archeology will surprise you very pleasantly.

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